The show last night was a success! Cloud Nothings definitely reminded me of Wavves. LOUD with -great- melodic vocals.

The opening band ''Wilderness, Alive!'' was pretty good too especially for local music.

Nolan flew all the way from New York to come to this show which was awesome. But here was the best part.... MUNCIE, Indiana was one of the first cities in the USA to experience Cloud Nothings on a tour before their album drops next week.

Here was their tour schedule:

01-12 Grantham, PA - Messiah College *
01-13 Pittsburgh, PA - Brillobox *
01-14 Columbus, OH - The Basement *
01-15 Chicago, IL - Lincoln Hall *^
01-16 Muncie, IN - The Silo
01-17 Toronto, Ontario - The Drake Hotel *
01-18 Montreal, Quebec - Casa Del Popolo *
01-19 New York, NY - Mercury Lounge #
01-20 Albany, NY - Valentines #
02-15 Newcastle, England - The Cluny !
02-16 Leeds, England - The Cockpit !
02-17 Manchester, England - Academy 3 !
02-18 York, England - Fibbers !
02-19 Liverpool, England - James E Brown Room !
02-21 London, England - Camden Barfly &
02-22 Oxford, England - The Cellar !
02-24 London, England - Camp
02-25 Cardiff, Wales - Dempsey's !
02-26 Birmingham, England - Academy 2 !
02-27 's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands - W2


Wednesday I'm going to see Freddie Gibbs in Indy with Ali and my sister. I'm really interested to see what kind of crowd it is since it's being hosted by My Old Kentucky Blog.

I'll post pictures from the show once I get a hold of the people who were taking pictures. Ha!


I've been doing some promotion work for this bar in town called ''Silo'' and working there as a cook (and will be bartending here for the first time friday!). Anyways, I've got this band ''Cloud Nothings'' coming to play a show here Jan. 16th and I think they are utterly amazing.

Will post pictures of the show at a later date.


Option 1: Broad Ripple w/ my sister @ The Vogue (DJ Marcus)
Option 2: Muncie w/ Silo co-workers @ Silo (DJ Sound Solution)
Option 3: Muncie w/ most of my friends @ Be Here Now (8 Stories High & DJ)
Option 4: Muncie w/ Locker Room co-workers @ The Triangle (jukebox?)
Option 5: Middleburry w/ hometown friends @ some dude's house (DJ Fayoon / shooting a hip hop video for some dude from Chicago)

Wish I could go to all of them. I'll probably end up at Silo or Be Here Now. They're the easiest.
I may start playing music again. I miss it. And I just played with Paul last night at his swanky ass apartment and it was actually really fun and cool. We went out after that for Trevor's birthday. Went to Locker Room and Be Here Now to play pool with Marsh the Darsh. He kept saying how I was so much better at pool since the last time we played and I kept trying to explain that it was because I wasn't drunk.

I'm tempted to talk about a lot of things because I'm fairly confident people forgot that I had this blog but i'll reserve my rantings for now.

Btw Christmas time was miserable. My mom made me go caroling. I got sick from standing out in the cold and couldn't go see my Grandfather who was in the hospital. And my brothers can't go 5 minutes without fighting (mostly over really stupid things too). Kind of regret buying those little turds gifts.


Wow.. well I guess I should talk about Pitchfork.

Sam, Myself, Spencer and Xie left from South Bend on Friday night. Where we ran into -this- guy.

He wreaked of patchouli and had the body-frame of a heroin junkie. He was cool though, he gave me and Spencer some jager. I think he was taking the train to Chicago to become a city bum.

We had a 5 hour wait, so we sat down in the lobby and ate volcano's pizza, potato salad and sushi. Xie put on a movie on her computer.. ''Atonement''. It was interesting but we couldn't finish watching it because some crazy toddler was running up to us and touching the screen and trying to run away with the computer. Then when we would try to stop her she'd scratch the shit out of us. Her mom was sitting a few feet away and never said anything, so we just packed the computer away and went outside to chain-smoke.

Once on the train.. we busted out the FOTEEZ and 151

Uh now after this things start to become a little fuzzy... I know it took us a while to get to Kyle's house.. but once we did, we were greeted by a 'party-in-progress'. It was kind of chilled when we got there so we started walking around trying to get to know everyone that we'd be chillen' with for the next couple of days. Time went on... and craziness began.

When we all were trying to go to sleep was the funniest shit ever. It was literally like 12 people in one room all fucked up on -whatever- and trying to go to sleep. The next day was time to leave for the festival.

The Muncie crew left to go get some foods first and we ended up at ''Earwax'' which was like a vegetarian/vegan breakfast joint. I had the torrizo burrito and it was BOMB. While we were waiting for our food Sam went out to have a cigarette and saw GAVIN sitting out on the curb... he apparantly was working at the American Apparel next door. Small world... we were supposed to meet with him for beers after the festival was out but that ended up turning into an adventure.

We got to the festival and immediately started drinking and smokin' dat dank.

Some of my favorite highlights were Yeasayer (we were dancing in the rain after smoking and everyone around us were being SQUARES). The Antlers were good but you could tell they were nervous to play such a big venue. I also (surprisingly) enjoyed Matt & Kim only because Kim was a drunken crazy bitch and fucking hilarious. Then I saw Black Lips which is probably the band I was most excited to see this year. It was pretty crazy... I lost my glasses and got elbowed in the face and then I lost everybody and had to wander around Chicago looking for people right as my phone was dying. I briefly saw Leandra, Sandy and Amalia that day too but there was so much going on that I easily lost them again.

Notice how there are no pictures of the bands that played... that's because we were too busy chillin in the mid-range where we can smoke and get our drank on and still have room to dance and have a good time.

This year the festival was so different... I think the first couple of years people went who REALLY enjoyed music and everyone who was there could relate on that level and there wasn't any judging or asshole-ish behaivor. This year there were a lot more dudes and gals who were probably from Chicago and just going there to chill and check out some bands. I had a feeling that a lot of people there didn't really care about too many of the bands that were playing and were just tryin' to get fuckd up and chill with their friends.

Or maybe that was just us...

I mean there were a few that I WAS NOT GOING TO MISS. There were some that I definitely wanted to ''check out'' but for the most part I didn't really care -what- stage I ended up at throughout the day.

Sunday... Xie and Sam went home... so me and Spencer decided to still go to Sunday's and ride home with Jon. We got some food at FLASH TACO with Karen and Kate.

For the love of god, do not ever eat there...

Kate had a VIP pass via Cymbals Eat Guitars so she was hooking us up with free beer all day. I also managed to get a flask of 151 in and Danielle, Amy and Alec had a bottle of vodka that we had a little of. All in all, we didn't really take any pictures on Sunday because we were so messed up.

I also split some shroomage with Jon right before Flaming Lips were set to start. We were pushing toward the front of the crowd screaming out the names of our pretend friends and telling everyone that we had to find them because they were on acid and sending us weird texts. It worked... We eventually made our way up to where these two dudes were standing wearing antenaes and dressed up like aliens. We were screaming and jumping up and down and telling everyone that we found our acid friends and everyone started laughing. So funny.

Anyways choosing to be by those guys was a good idea because they were crazy... they pulled out vials of glitter and started pouring the shit everywhere. I'm still finding specks of glitter in my hair. I was letting everyone around me hit my flask too and even gave the rest of our shrooms to some high school kids who immediately wolfed them down. It was precious.

We went back to Kyles and Me & Jon went to some mexican joint to get food, then we came back and peaced. Drove home to Muncie the next day. And that was that yall. Hope that you had a good time too if you went.

There were also some parties thrown in there after Saturday... but I honestly don't think any pictures were taken or anything. It was really chilled out.. and my phone was dead so I couldn't find anything better to do. Anyways, most of these pictures were stolen from Facebook so if any more show up, I'll post them!


I must see ^that movie.

Pitchfork is in one week. It's finally arriving. I get to see some very cool people that I really only get to see once a year or so. And great music. It's probably my favorite time of the year.

So the fourth of July was interesting... I got off work and called Fred who was over at Molly & Carrie's party. He was hammered so I figured there wasn't a drop of alcohol at their house (which was confirmed when I talked to Molly later that night.)

So.. went to Julie's instead. I met her new roomate and actually chilled with a bunch of Muncie folks that I have never really seen around before. Travis DJ'd. Shit was intense. People actually danced. Left to go down to the bar with Molly, Fred and Adam. Had my phone stolen while I was there.

I convinced Adam and Fred to go down to the party I was just at... Adam's description of it the next day was pretty hilarious.

''Ty took me to a fucking RAVE last night.''

Have these people really never been to a good dance party?
What a sad life that must be.

But they had fun... wasn't their crowd, but I could tell they liked being there.

The next day I called my provider and luckily my phone was insured. (news to me!) So I just had to pay a deductable and they sent me a new phone the -very- next day. Which helped me out a lot because I was PISSED OFF about my phone getting stolen. Especially so close to pitchfork where I was obviously going to need it.

Speaking of p-fork. I just watched Animal Collective's set from last year this morning. It's such a good performance. Check it out (even if you were there.) It's different watching it now that Merriweather has been released. That was the first time I had heard My Girls or Summertime Clothes... so going back and watching it was great.


Maaaaaaaaaan. I don't know what the FUCK I'm going to do when Pitchfork comes around.

People living in Chicago that I SHOULD hang out with:

People Driving up with us and taking the drunk train into Mill-L Stashe:

People we're going to meet there and hang out with:
Detroit CREW
Elkhart CREW
Muncie CREW
Athens CREW

So many fucking people are going this year!!! And even more of my friends live in Chicago now. Shit mane.. I'm just gonna roll with it and rage my fucking face off.


Currently Listening to: Rainwater Cassette Exchange by Deerhunter

The weather has been kickass the last few days. Sam and I dropped by the butcher shop yesterday and picked up some pork chops. Then we grilled out on that and some starch n beans. Then Jon, Jayson, Lunsford, Julie and Chelsea all came over with water balloons. Sam was smart enough to eject all of his cell phones and cigarettes from his pockets and stow them safe away upstairs.

Speaking of cigarettes, I've been smoke free for about three weeks now. It's harder than I thought because 80% of my friends smoke, so everytime I see them lighting up I want one too... but I've been sticking in there.

Jen's having some party today/cookout I think. But I have to go to Locker's to find out how to get there because I still don't have a fucking phone. -_-



I have the uncanny ability of talking shit to people while appearing likeable, funny, and nice.

I quit smoking. It's been a week... I haven't noticed any significant differences, but that might change when I'm old and realize I'm not dying of heart disease. (Cancer just isn't in the cards.)

We watched Lost tonight and for the last ten minutes I wanted to scream at the television. Also when Juliet ''died''. I can't wait until the last season when I realize I wasted hours of my life watching a show that didn't even have a good payoff.

Pitchfork. 2 mauntz